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It was an inspired choice using Danielle Rayne who brings a very sexy intelligent tone to the film – not to mention her extraordinary athletic prowess.  Did you know what character you were looking for when you began casting?  Did the IMDb fact on Danielle Rayne that she ‘holds a machine gun permit to operate an M-16 with the Dept. of Justice for the state of California’ have anything to do with your decision? Is she just super fit or a trained stuntwoman?
Since the role was going to be so physically demanding, the first crew member I acquired was a stunt coordinator (Keith Adams, who was unavailable during the shoot so James Logan took over). He brought a few stuntwoman he knew to the casting and Danielle was just incredible.  Physicality is very important to me for action work – you can’t just look good in an action pose, you have to move in an emotionally compelling way.  Danielle brought that to the table.
I hadn’t noticed that line in her IMDB page.  But Keith and I always discussed the role as ‘Linda Hamilton from the beginning of T2’ and, ironically, Danielle plays Sarah Connor in the T2:3D experience at Universal Studios – so it was a perfect fit.

That being said, all the allusions to Danielle Rayne resembling Sarah Connor from Terminator: Judgement Day I can see but Lena Headey‘s Sarah Connor for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the one that has left a lasting impression in my mind.

Danielle Riendeau–After Ellen:

At first glance, I thought the gorgeous, muscled lady who wakes up in the “test chamber” was Claudia Black (of Farscape, Stargate and even Uncharted and Dragon Age fame). Alas, it is not, but certainly don’t let that stop you. The protagonist is played by Danielle Rayne, who shall now (and forever will be) on my radar.
Attractive heroine aside, the film is well shot and displays possibly the best live-action version of Portal’s mind-bending tech – those orange and blue beauties have never looked so good. It’s also darkly funny, though hilariously dysfunctional villain G.L.A.D.O.S. is nowhere to be seen (or heard).

So far the unaccepted Portal mini-movie has been noticed 921,646 times given it was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. Heck, even best-selling writer William Gibson called it “brilliant.


Wow. Congratulations. That’s an insane number of hits! It’s a cool film. Honestly, the coolest part of the film is you. You are a fucking badass in it.

I hope the short gets you seen. It’s very well done.


Dr. Jays <http://Live.com>Live.com:

What makes it so good? Lead actress Danielle Rayne brings steely intensity and subtle acting to a completely silent role (also, her biceps are seriously intimidating). Trachtenberg says he was inspired byTerminator 2, but I also see a lot of Kill Bill in the first shot and the ass-kicking main character.

The lead actress (Danielle Rayne) does a phenomenal job carrying the short, and even with no dialogue, creates a character that draws the audience in.

We Eat Films:
A few highlights include Danielle Rayne’s believable performance as the film’s protagonist; she easily makes the role hers (and that fit body of hers certainly doesn’t hurt).