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Many Faces Of Me.

Many Faces Of Me.

6 looks from my headshot session. Or as I like to call it: “My Self-inflicted Torture Session” because after a stretch of staring at your own face trying to find the best photos, all objectivity is trampled into the ground. This montage is also a good example of why we women like our make-up.



What’s possible when it comes to our bodies? How much can we control over the way we’re built, what muscles we have (or lack)?

I signed up for a 60 day overall transformation at my gym. Upping my spin classes to 4-5 x a week and monitoring my diet by writing down every bite. It’s tedious but it’s also like a science experiment. If the numbers add up just right, can I alter years of muscle development? If I can be really disciplined and freaking brave, I may post the before and after pics right here.

The gauntlet is down.Image


One Bad Apple

I’ve been a fan of Apple since 2002, when I made the switch from PC’s. Since then, my house has been full of Apple products. I started using iWeb for my website, being a control freak who wants to tweak to her heart’s content without annoying some highly-skilled web designer.

Now Apple is doing away with MobileMe and iWeb and I’m thrashing around for a Website for Dummies. And trying WordPress. And mad as hell at Apple.