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Many Faces Of Me.

Many Faces Of Me.

6 looks from my headshot session. Or as I like to call it: “My Self-inflicted Torture Session” because after a stretch of staring at your own face trying to find the best photos, all objectivity is trampled into the ground. This montage is also a good example of why we women like our make-up.


0 to 60 in headshots…


Spent the 1st Sunday of 2014 getting new head shots. I may have driven the photographer and makeup artist nuts but now I’m armed with looks that range from some poor makeup-less wretch to a glamorous diva socialite. What better way to start the year than prepping for every conceivable character that might come your way, right? IMG_6253 IMG_1174

What’s my catchphrase? What makes me different from all the other 40 and beyond actresses out there right now? I was taking spin class with Be, a force of positive energy if there ever was one, and she had us visualize our best self. That’s when “Making 40 and beyond Fierce-some” popped into my brain while peddling and sweating like a madman.

Today is headshot day with James DePietro and I am so amped. I was ready to go at 7:30am, but I really should wash the sleep from my eyes first. I want to see “Fierce-some” in some of my photos–one that really defines me in my best self. I plan to ask my make-up artist to help capture the session with my iPhone…if I get a good shot, I’ll share it here and on the Danielle Rayne Fanpage.

Taking 2014 by storm!


What’s possible when it comes to our bodies? How much can we control over the way we’re built, what muscles we have (or lack)?

I signed up for a 60 day overall transformation at my gym. Upping my spin classes to 4-5 x a week and monitoring my diet by writing down every bite. It’s tedious but it’s also like a science experiment. If the numbers add up just right, can I alter years of muscle development? If I can be really disciplined and freaking brave, I may post the before and after pics right here.

The gauntlet is down.Image



It’s approaching 2014 here in Los Angeles. A lot of people are bashing 2013 but I think years are like people: there’s good and bad in all and you’re better off focusing on the good and turning a blind eye to the bad. 2013 brought me some great new acting credits and I’m really grateful to the people and opportunities that helped make it happen. 2013 was great~~and 2014 will be even better. For all of us, and especially for you. Happy 2014 (aka Year of the Horse)!Image